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Its not about Perfect, be
Its not about Perfect, being Fit requires Effort and when you bring that effort every single day, Thats where Transformation Happens, thats where Change Occurs !! At Magic Health Point you not only sweat it on the machines, we ensure that you relate with nature while you fulfil your fitness goals. This picture is from one of our Sunday Funday Events where all our members killed it to achieve there fitness goals. #MagicHealthPoint #WorkItToAchieveIt #FitnessGoals #GymGoals #BodyTransformation #CircuitTraining
Being rewarded for your h
Being rewarded for your hardwork is one of the best achievements. Such rewards not only motivate but encourage to put in more work in our endeavours. 2017 was a year which marked alot of such appreciation, encouragement and motivation for all of us at Magic Health Point after a decade long work in the Fitness Industry. Team Magic became the proud recievers of the Global Achievers Forum - Best in Class Gym and The Premium Fitness Centre in Punjab. Magic Health Point thanks all of you our dear clients for helping us reach the Zenith of Glory! #MagicHealthPoint #FitnessGoals #PremiumFitnessCentre #GymInLudhiana #WorkoutGoals
25days fat loss program !
25days fat loss program ! June1st -25th June'18 ! The Biggest Loser Contest For Juniors ! chance to win prizes ! 7 yrs- 18 yrs ! Magic Health Point 9872451015
Magic Health Point presen
Magic Health Point presents its initiative “Fight Against Child Obesity “ while the kids learn the basics of “Sharing is Caring”. “Choose for your children’s health Now and Forever” Become a part of our 25 days Weight Loss and Fitness Program to transform your child’s health. The workout regime would include : *Groove on that beat with the dance styles like Bollywood, Hip Hop, Masala Bhangra * Weight management through indoor and outdoor activties * Diet Balancing * Feel Light and Tall with Height Improvement techniques * Relax with the Power Yoga * Power Pact Aerobics to shake that leg The kids will : * Engage in an activity that requires sharing to solve the problem * Brainstorm a lot of solutions together while they solve that problem * Enjoy their results together Your Fitness Basket will include :- 1. Certificates and Medals 2. Special Prizes 3. Opportunity to participate in our Mega Event *Chance Pe Dance <7yrs - 15yrs> <1pm to 2pm> <1st June to 25th June> *Last date of registration 30th May’18 *35 Seats only | First come First serve | #The_Biggest_Loser_Contest_Junior #FightAgainstChildObesity
Running in an open space
Running in an open space is one of the best exercises for our body. It is a great way to increase your overall level of health. Believe it or not, One Run can change your whole day. Magic Health Point says Dont Run with Your Legs, Run with your Heart and see the change you want to see in your body. #MagicHealthPoint #Run #GymGoals #FitnessGoals #BodyTransformation #RunForMagic #Workout